Wednesday, April 18, 2012


A thousand thanks to my cousin aiyin for giving me the tickets of Tiger Asian Music Festival 2012!

Finally i have the chance to watch jam hsiao live show!!!!!

words are not enough to describe my excitement!!

i was too late,u can see that i actually stood so far away from the stage.T_T
from what my colleague told me,this was the worst traffic jam happened in sunway area because of concert,it took half an hour from my house to sunway lagoon which usually only take 5 minutes =___=

bestie yukfen and I =)

sorry to say that i don't really give a damn to other performers because jam hsiao is the main reason i was there =)

His voice is impressive and freaking powerful!!
i wish i could sing like him!!!!
HIT all the high notes LIKE A LOUSAI!
 he is cute,isn't it?=p

the saddest thing is,he only sang 4 songs!!
i was sang almost 10 songs and he only 4 songs?!
I know most of the people came here for him!

i have no idea why she likes this photo @.@

Awesome night =D

Monday, April 9, 2012

Current life

Finally my 4 months holiday come to the end and officially start my semester 2

1 more step towards my dream and i m gonna work hardddddd for it


buddies & sisters =)


the snow white is so beautiful but i just can't take my eyes off her eyebrow,so thick =_______=



not bad but not as good as clash of the titans


 finally INSTAGRAM is available in google play!!

feel free to follow me as u can see there is a instagram gadget at the right side of my blog =)

song of the day: BLUE by bigbang
seriously in love with this awesome songs!
and their live performance is much better =D