Sunday, November 27, 2011

Family day 26.11.11

wish me luck, i m going to die soon


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Birthday, kenneth =)

I M OFFICIALLY 20!Last night i had a small gathering with my inti gang. Honestly i miss them so much, what i can say is craping is my all time favorite =p
Looking forward to the next gathering =)
Had a birthday celebration with my bestie kc in midvalley =)
had our brunch in kenny rogers since it's been a while i didn't eat it but once i reached home,i REGRET =__= i realized that there is a TGIF in the garden mall and she told me that if we celebrate at there, the staff will sing birthday song for me. Sounds interesting! I shouldn't miss it DENG MY BRAIN.
Luckily Alexis didn't disappoint me, the cakes are awesome =D 
*feel like redeem my cake in starbuck tomorrow and go delicious again with my sister on saturday..gosh i m gonna hate cake soon

chocolate pecan cheese & tiramisu  ( ̄﹁ ̄)

thx for the gift,love it so much =D
 *wahahaha i m gonna eat u LOLOL
camwhore is a MUST

yea we watched this movie,the twilight sage-breaking dawn. In fact i don't really love this twilight series because the previous 3 episodes really BORED ME TO DEATH  especially NEW MOON. It was a nightmare in cinema, non stop EMO bla bla bla [no offense to twilight fans, that's my own opinion and u may say that my taste sucks =p]
 but i don't know why...i feel lik i m kinda 犯贱 bcz i still watched Eclipse even though new moon was so freaking bored *feel free to slap me

well since i already watched the previous 3 lame episodes,then i start questioning myself why dont i finish the last one, and some friend told me that the last episode will be quite interesting cz bella born a baby and the baby is like...devil?? correct me if i m wrong. But if u ask me twilight or vampire diaries is better, no doubt my answer will be vampire diaries. It is
wayyyyyyy better than twilight. Don't believe?watch it and u will agree with me =p

Anyway breaking dawn is not bad compare with the previous 3 episodes, just that it will be better if the sex scene is uncensored. and the baby birth process is censored. Sorry to Edward's fans, no hot sex scene in this movie =p

THX for all the wishes in facebook,call, msg, i love u guys =)

Monday, November 21, 2011


seriously last week was the most stressful week in 2011, only slept for 3 or 4 hours per day, that's the 1st time "FML" this term came across my mind bcz usually i dont F*** my life
my skin was quite good but after the 5 days non stop fighting for assignment,GONE BAD =X
and the nightmare still hasn't ended, the final exam is JUST right around the corner, i mean , next week =__= DENGGGGG
but this weekend i didn't study at all, chose to relax for few days, we all knew that 休息是为了走更远的路right? [yea yea yea a big excuse =p]
watched this movie with my sista and cousins =)
it was not bad, better than what i have expected =)

4 months holiday is the greatest motivation for me to study hard,gonna fight with my notes very soon

chaoz readers=)

song of the day:水手怕水by jay chou

Friday, November 11, 2011

那些年  这一天 ♥





被你喜歡過, 就感覺別人沒那麼喜歡了






电影中其实好几个桥段都勾起了一些回忆,摸朋友的光头,把垃圾当着篮球投进垃圾桶,丢进之后还要洋洋得意,当然还有阿鲁巴 ,不过放心,我不会在班上打手枪那么变态 =p
至于爱情的部分,虽然并没有追了好多年的女孩,可是看到柯腾的幼稚,沈佳宜的纯真,尤其是看到他们打闹的时候,让我觉得这样的爱情真的好美,好美 =)
听到那些对白,虽然并没有类似的经验,可是感触却好深好深 (是因为我的想象力太丰富吗?)
话说回来,看这部电影的决心把我们推到了第一排,真的是场场爆满叻 @.@  不过我是觉得牺牲是没有白费垃,还没看的朋友,赶快去支持一下吧=)



Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wedding dinner

getting lazier to update my pity bloggie.Assignments + reports + tests are driving me crazy and FINAL EXAM IS COMING SOON , looking forward to the 4 months holiday after the final exam.=D
Attended my cousin's wedding dinner last Sunday night,ok let's see photos,i am so lazy to type anymore =p

 the newlyweds and us <3
yam seng session XD
stay tuned =]

song of the day: i love you like a love song by selena gomez & the scene