Monday, August 22, 2011

Lucky ^_^

Accidentally pontenged law lecture T_T

i didn't intend to do so

when i reached pyramid

it was raining HEAVILY

how can i wait taylor's bus at the bus stop=___=

so i decided to study at starbuck=p

definitely it was a wise decision

By answering some questions in their website and i can get a code to redeem a free drinks in starbuck!=D

sounds awesome right??

i don't know why i m chosen

what my friend told me is they are actually picking people randomly

lucky right??

how nice if i can get this kind of "gap la" everyday LOL

don't understand what is gap la?

ask those ppl who know cantonese =p

raya holiday is coming soon

but too bad

i have to work for whole week T_T

money money home!

time to study

chaoz my dear bloggie=D

song of the day:rhythm of love

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gong Cha♥

Finally i have the chance to grab a drinks in gong cha

i mean finally

really "久仰大名"

many friends who had tried this gong cha told me that

gong cha is much nicer than chatime

that s why i am kinda despo to try it out

so once i reached midvalley

i straight away walked to the directory board to get the location of gong cha since i m not familiar with midvalley/the gardens mall

for those who want to try it out

it is located on the 2nd floor of garden mall

Hidden round the corner at the Isetan end of the gardens

the location is totally not strategic

i wouldn't know the location if i didn't refer to the directory board

well,my "desponess" to gong cha had brought me there

get this photo from eatlah blogspot

the right hand side 1 is mine,1 of the best seller of gong cha
Milk Winter Melon Tea with pearl


left hand side is my sister geh

duno wat wat wat add aiyu jelly and white pearl LOL

if i m not mistaken should be lemon juice gua~

it s not bad but mine is better=p

shot by my sis @.@

uploaded this photo to facebook just now...

and the comments i've got are so strange!

some say cute,some say look like 怪叔叔,some say look like gangster LOL

aiya don't care la

grow faster pls my dear hair

i m gonna do some changes to make it look AWESOME =p

Friday, August 19, 2011

Shut the fuck up

why u gotta be so mean

it is the 4th time u mentioned this in front of me

stop it please

i don't mind u commented on my appearance

what will i do is

do my best to prove that u are wrong

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Power of hair style

it 's now 1.30am and tmr i have no class

thinking of update my blog but recently i am kinda lifeless

wake up > school > home > online + homework >drama>sleep

since i had uploaded a photo of my current short hair

so let s talk about power of hair style =p

this photo has stunned me!!

they look like totally 2 different person!

look at the stupid hair!

this was his look in the famous drama meteor garden

i bet vanness will bang his head to wall when he see this photo

he must has some problems with the hairstylist==

see!he looks so good with short hair!

love this the most=)

this is damn cool and i m still considering whether want to try this hair style or not @@

because it s kinda short FOR ME and i have to do the styling when i hang out or go to school


no offence to show 's fans but i just don't like it==

oh i love this=D

he is still handsome but short hair is much better,isn't it?

he is super duper charming!

LOL after uploaded so many photos of male artists i feel like my readers are going to think that

is kenneth gay??

hahahahha don't worry i m definitely straight=D

now i think most of u agree that hair style is freaking important for us to look good right?

now my turn=p

this was my look in april of 2009

i had straightened my fringe that time,for the 1st time =)

and i don't know why...suddenly i cut this so call "妹妹头"@.@

wee~~this is my favourite among all of my hair styles

actually u guys can find that my hair styles are actually almost the same

long fringe and sideburns

because i have big forehead,long face and big ears

this kind of hair style is the best for me to look more handsome

but seriously i am fed up with this hair style

so i decided to make some changes

here it is the photo

my sideburns gone==

totally gone!

fringe still there but it s very short compare with the previous hair style

i got some good comments from facebook but i think it s because of the angle

side view is ok but front view....sad!

honestly i dont think this hair style suits me

i just want to try something different

kinda regret now..

grow faster pls my dear hair~~~~~~~T_T

Friday, August 12, 2011

To be a better man





























no money no honey这句话说得真是太对了


























p/s:lord i'm doing all i can,to be a better man

song of the day:better man by robbie williams

Monday, August 8, 2011


Backed to melacca to attend my cousin’s 21st birthday party

Not going to upload any photo

Cannot accept my nerd look=__=

Watched this movie with my sister

It s quite nice but maybe I put too much expectation on this movie

A little bit disappointed

Well,overall it is still a nice movie

U guys should watch it

“some things are meant to be changed”

It s inspiring

Finally there is a chattime in melacca!

And they are having promotion now

Buy 1 free 1 !!!

You can choose to get free Grass Jelly with Roasted Milk Tea or Taiwan Plum Iced Tea when you purchase your drinks

only available til 12th of august

from 2pm to 4pm and 8pm to 10pm

We grabbed it before the movie

And bcz of this milk tea

We were late for the movie==

hazelnut chocolate milk tea is my favorite

And today chattime again,

Red bean milk tea,normal normal only

Will try all the drinks 1 by 1 since there is a chattime in my campus^_^

Finally the streamyx going to send their ppl to my house to set up the modem!

i mean FINALLY!!!!

u know what...

i was like a feng shui master taking my labtop walk here walk there

like they take a ba gua to find the best feng shui position

me??just to get the strongest signal from others wifi==

it is so STUPID!!

[p/s:i m hacking others wifi actually...shhh~XD]

Hong kong drama...KANG XI LAI LE

i m back!=D

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I want strong abs

Finally i've started the 1st week of my degree life

New friends,new lecturers,new environment

I feel like i m getting used to it

Glad to meet a gang of nice friends=)

Today was the 1st outing with them

It s not bad and seriously i am impressive by his bravery


his strong abs are amazing!

well this is far too much for me

but imagine,how much effort and time he 's put to build this strong body

thumb up!

for those who are my regular followers of facebook

u guys should know how desperate am i to be a little bit muscular

seriously i need a gym trainer to tell me what should i do to make my shoulder and waist bigger

and i need my chest to be widen

it is not that flat as a few months ago but it s still not enough wide

that s why i still look like a thin boy

broad shoulder could make a guy look much nicer

but lack of equipment is the main problem for me

i only have 1 set of dumbbell

i need tips!!!

anybody who have exp to work it out without equipment

if u dont mind pls drop ur comment and share ur tips with me=)

highly appreciate your help=)

song of the day:Never say you can't by bruno mars