Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gong Cha♥

Finally i have the chance to grab a drinks in gong cha

i mean finally

really "久仰大名"

many friends who had tried this gong cha told me that

gong cha is much nicer than chatime

that s why i am kinda despo to try it out

so once i reached midvalley

i straight away walked to the directory board to get the location of gong cha since i m not familiar with midvalley/the gardens mall

for those who want to try it out

it is located on the 2nd floor of garden mall

Hidden round the corner at the Isetan end of the gardens

the location is totally not strategic

i wouldn't know the location if i didn't refer to the directory board

well,my "desponess" to gong cha had brought me there

get this photo from eatlah blogspot

the right hand side 1 is mine,1 of the best seller of gong cha
Milk Winter Melon Tea with pearl


left hand side is my sister geh

duno wat wat wat add aiyu jelly and white pearl LOL

if i m not mistaken should be lemon juice gua~

it s not bad but mine is better=p

shot by my sis @.@

uploaded this photo to facebook just now...

and the comments i've got are so strange!

some say cute,some say look like 怪叔叔,some say look like gangster LOL

aiya don't care la

grow faster pls my dear hair

i m gonna do some changes to make it look AWESOME =p

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