Monday, August 22, 2011

Lucky ^_^

Accidentally pontenged law lecture T_T

i didn't intend to do so

when i reached pyramid

it was raining HEAVILY

how can i wait taylor's bus at the bus stop=___=

so i decided to study at starbuck=p

definitely it was a wise decision

By answering some questions in their website and i can get a code to redeem a free drinks in starbuck!=D

sounds awesome right??

i don't know why i m chosen

what my friend told me is they are actually picking people randomly

lucky right??

how nice if i can get this kind of "gap la" everyday LOL

don't understand what is gap la?

ask those ppl who know cantonese =p

raya holiday is coming soon

but too bad

i have to work for whole week T_T

money money home!

time to study

chaoz my dear bloggie=D

song of the day:rhythm of love

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