Thursday, August 4, 2011

I want strong abs

Finally i've started the 1st week of my degree life

New friends,new lecturers,new environment

I feel like i m getting used to it

Glad to meet a gang of nice friends=)

Today was the 1st outing with them

It s not bad and seriously i am impressive by his bravery


his strong abs are amazing!

well this is far too much for me

but imagine,how much effort and time he 's put to build this strong body

thumb up!

for those who are my regular followers of facebook

u guys should know how desperate am i to be a little bit muscular

seriously i need a gym trainer to tell me what should i do to make my shoulder and waist bigger

and i need my chest to be widen

it is not that flat as a few months ago but it s still not enough wide

that s why i still look like a thin boy

broad shoulder could make a guy look much nicer

but lack of equipment is the main problem for me

i only have 1 set of dumbbell

i need tips!!!

anybody who have exp to work it out without equipment

if u dont mind pls drop ur comment and share ur tips with me=)

highly appreciate your help=)

song of the day:Never say you can't by bruno mars

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