Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Power of hair style

it 's now 1.30am and tmr i have no class

thinking of update my blog but recently i am kinda lifeless

wake up > school > home > online + homework >drama>sleep

since i had uploaded a photo of my current short hair

so let s talk about power of hair style =p

this photo has stunned me!!

they look like totally 2 different person!

look at the stupid hair!

this was his look in the famous drama meteor garden

i bet vanness will bang his head to wall when he see this photo

he must has some problems with the hairstylist==

see!he looks so good with short hair!

love this the most=)

this is damn cool and i m still considering whether want to try this hair style or not @@

because it s kinda short FOR ME and i have to do the styling when i hang out or go to school


no offence to show 's fans but i just don't like it==

oh i love this=D

he is still handsome but short hair is much better,isn't it?

he is super duper charming!

LOL after uploaded so many photos of male artists i feel like my readers are going to think that

is kenneth gay??

hahahahha don't worry i m definitely straight=D

now i think most of u agree that hair style is freaking important for us to look good right?

now my turn=p

this was my look in april of 2009

i had straightened my fringe that time,for the 1st time =)

and i don't know why...suddenly i cut this so call "妹妹头"@.@

wee~~this is my favourite among all of my hair styles

actually u guys can find that my hair styles are actually almost the same

long fringe and sideburns

because i have big forehead,long face and big ears

this kind of hair style is the best for me to look more handsome

but seriously i am fed up with this hair style

so i decided to make some changes

here it is the photo

my sideburns gone==

totally gone!

fringe still there but it s very short compare with the previous hair style

i got some good comments from facebook but i think it s because of the angle

side view is ok but front view....sad!

honestly i dont think this hair style suits me

i just want to try something different

kinda regret now..

grow faster pls my dear hair~~~~~~~T_T

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