Monday, August 8, 2011


Backed to melacca to attend my cousin’s 21st birthday party

Not going to upload any photo

Cannot accept my nerd look=__=

Watched this movie with my sister

It s quite nice but maybe I put too much expectation on this movie

A little bit disappointed

Well,overall it is still a nice movie

U guys should watch it

“some things are meant to be changed”

It s inspiring

Finally there is a chattime in melacca!

And they are having promotion now

Buy 1 free 1 !!!

You can choose to get free Grass Jelly with Roasted Milk Tea or Taiwan Plum Iced Tea when you purchase your drinks

only available til 12th of august

from 2pm to 4pm and 8pm to 10pm

We grabbed it before the movie

And bcz of this milk tea

We were late for the movie==

hazelnut chocolate milk tea is my favorite

And today chattime again,

Red bean milk tea,normal normal only

Will try all the drinks 1 by 1 since there is a chattime in my campus^_^

Finally the streamyx going to send their ppl to my house to set up the modem!

i mean FINALLY!!!!

u know what...

i was like a feng shui master taking my labtop walk here walk there

like they take a ba gua to find the best feng shui position

me??just to get the strongest signal from others wifi==

it is so STUPID!!

[p/s:i m hacking others wifi actually...shhh~XD]

Hong kong drama...KANG XI LAI LE

i m back!=D

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