Friday, May 27, 2011

Love is nothing without truth

Recently i've been thinking about a word


Most of the people would probably agree that honestly is the best policy in relationships

At least in my case,

i had always taught myself to be a fairly honest person as u can see in my facebook status=p

I am sorry if my previous status in my page had provoked anyone of you

i was just trying to share my views

I didn't mean to provoke or hurt anyone

ok let's back to main topic

why i 've been thinking about honestly recently?

Because i can see so many people sharing emotional statuses about how sad they are after knowing the lies that told by their bf/gf

No one love lie right?

Even though we all know that trust and communication are the building blocks of all relationships

but some people think that some things are just best left unsaid

do these tiny secrets really help, or damage a relationship?


most of the time would be damage

the way they view the problems will may be different with how their partner view

It 's gonna breakdown the trust in a relationship once their partner found out the secrets

And most of the time they can find it out!

No one wants to be with a person that always hide something from them

We have to make up more lies to cover up other lies

Don't you feel it is damn tiring?

So why don't we be honest?

Honest in a relationships builds trust and dependability which is the key to hold the love bond strongly between couples

Everybody wants stable relationship and nobody wants to quarrel all the time

So,let's be honest

True love does not have secrets=)

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Wednesday=Movie day

Watched Insidious with my brothers yesterday

The storyline is kinda interesting and new

just that the ghosts are a bit "random" LOL

The next movie will be Pirates of Caribbean=)

And soooo MANY AWESOME MOVIES are coming soon

green lantern,X man first class,captain america,kungfu panda 2,transformer 3....

Gonna spend a lot of money on gsc~~~~~

I saw some rumors about vampire diaries on net

they said season 3 will only be released on september....

gosh!it means i have to wait for 4 more months!!!!


for those who haven't watch vampire diaries yet


for my opinion

it is MUCH MUCH MUCH BETTER than twilight

because i feel like twilight is more on love...and it s kinda boring for me

but the plot of vampire diaries is AMAZING

watch it if u don't believe me

u gonna love it so much=D

p/s:dont view my blog,if u dont give a damn about what i care and what i have done.I know you were here.

Monday, May 23, 2011
















p/s:she is a gamer,and i am a lover.Obviously i deserve a better 1.=)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


My blog is full of spider web and dust due to my laziness

recently i am kinda "sui siao"....

in english we call it bad luck la

sick for 1 week already...

just because of "thor"

i watched this movie with whole body wet!damn the rain!


my back muscles hurt T.T

because of wrong pose when i was playing with the dumbbell

So i have to stop exercise until my back fully recover

how torturing T.T

argh~~i m waiting for the day when the rain is over,the sky clears up

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