Thursday, May 26, 2011


Wednesday=Movie day

Watched Insidious with my brothers yesterday

The storyline is kinda interesting and new

just that the ghosts are a bit "random" LOL

The next movie will be Pirates of Caribbean=)

And soooo MANY AWESOME MOVIES are coming soon

green lantern,X man first class,captain america,kungfu panda 2,transformer 3....

Gonna spend a lot of money on gsc~~~~~

I saw some rumors about vampire diaries on net

they said season 3 will only be released on september....

gosh!it means i have to wait for 4 more months!!!!


for those who haven't watch vampire diaries yet


for my opinion

it is MUCH MUCH MUCH BETTER than twilight

because i feel like twilight is more on love...and it s kinda boring for me

but the plot of vampire diaries is AMAZING

watch it if u don't believe me

u gonna love it so much=D

p/s:dont view my blog,if u dont give a damn about what i care and what i have done.I know you were here.

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