Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Mines Outing^^

went to gasonline to eat steak~~

honestly to say that~not nice>.<

but the environment is great~

eat beside a lake~feel comfortable^^

they tried to bite my shoes when i was trying to take photo wif them~==

i wonder if some1 kick jie miin...XD

act cool act cool~~

from the left:
xb:chicken rice spotted!!i wan de chicken rice!!
jie miin:speechless to this chicken rice lover~
steaphy:hmm...after 犯贱and低b..wat kind of word should i use to scold xb?
wai kit:ohyeah~i killed the cat!
shu yi:baba u should kill xb~den he cannot snatch away my food d^^
wee yen:oh no...should i?XD
kenneth:i m damn hungry actually juz pretend like very full n very cool~==


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