Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Money Money Home

Went to yam cha with my friends last night

Suddenly came out with an awesome idea

Phuket island trip

at the beginning i am not really interested

because i have no idea where the hell is phuket island

and i don't know how fun is that place

after my friend showed me the link

i just can't resist


Patong Beach!I love it!

maya bay~~

white water rafting!!i wanna try this!!!

If this trip is on

i am going to train my body as CRAZY as POSSIBLE

Any friends went to phuket island before?

share your exp with me if u dont mind=)

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Love♥ said...

lol NICE PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AnGeL涓 said...

Phuket is nice !!
my aunt go there honeymoon
the photo is awesome
I also in love with phuket XD

KeNNeTH JusT be MySelF said...

i wanna go there~T.T