Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New layout 5.7.11

As you all can see

I've changed my blog layout

How do u guys feel?


what i feel is a lil bit emo

but luckily i got some good comments from my friends that saying my new banner is cool=D

I am glad to hear it^__^

Oh yea,there is new feature in my blog

u guys can leave comments by logging in your facebook

i think it s pretty good

cuz not everyone has blogger account but i think most of the people have facebook right??

So it s quite convenient for my readers=)

And,i have linked my twitter to my blog

i mean FINALLY=p

Follow my twitter and you are welcome to chat with me.

Dont be shy=p

This is my current look

the hair is SUCKS without styling

some of my friends have asked me why my skin is fair


buy 1 tin of nippon paint,apply it on your skin,twice a day,it could help in whitening,it s freaking effective!

LOL,jkjk,actually my skin is not that good.

The poor camera in my phone could not capture the blackhead and pimple scar

Usually i dont give a damn to skincare due to my laziness@.@

i only use cleanser,no toner,no moisturizer

about the body....usually people wear shirt when they go out right??

that 's reason my skin is fair~~~~=p

Hmm..if u are my regular follower

u should know that i will be moving to sunway on 9th of july

which is the coming saturday

I'm gonna miss the roti planta so much
[bestest roti planta I've ever seen]

I'm gonna miss the wan tan mee so much
[i hate KL wan tan mee which is black colour,it is totally sucks!]

I'm gonna miss the satay celup so much
[KL Lulut is not that nice and quite expensive compare with satay celup]

Hope i can come back melacca twice a month=)

song of the day:

rolling in the deep by adele

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Gracie L. said...

The header is very cool! :)