Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm back


i didn't go anywhere lately...

The only reason i stop blogging for 1 and a half month is


wake up > get prepared > start working > finish > online > sleep


tiring but the good things are all the colleagues are quite friendly and nice

and of course MONEY MONEY HOME =D

and finally my turn to take leave since the 2nd day of CNY

non stop working from that day til 13th of CNY,everyday 10am to 10pm


had some changes in my life since dec

ended my 1st semester in taylor's

doing my 1st job since i moved to sunway

changed my hairstyle from long fringe to so called aeroplane head or chicken head LOL

this is how it looks like , gonna practice more to make it perfect =D

gonna update my genting trip and dong chan si post ASAP

stay tuned readers =D

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