Sunday, February 28, 2010

two is better than one

damn streamyx
cannot access to internet since thursday til today noon.
damn the stupid game the sims
my notifications almost all are this kind of rubbish
pissed off

my dear kc fetched me out by her vios~~[not gf kay~~]
she keep saying her driving skill improved d~XD
watched book of eli~
hmm....i tot is tat kind of sf movie..
actually it s something related to bible~~
ok la~juz a bit bloody only~~XD[no offense~it s real~u can refer to the movie~]

dis saturday going to port dickson~
thanks to wai kit free resort~^^
hope it will b a memorable trip=)

{maybe two is better than one}

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Naughty Girl said...

wey! seriously improve d wat !!