Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chemistry Paper 2+Sunway Outing =Exhausted

finally done my chemistry paper 2

i was damn stress before the exam

slept 4 hours only then wake up continue study...

like mad!

but fortunately some of the questions i did before^__^

next paper will b on next wednesday

physics paper 2

after that thursday will b sitting for chemistry paper 1


after tat can go penang find my dear d~=)

let s come back to the main topic

yesterday went to sunway pyramind with wai kit,xiao bai,jie miin n steaphy

my 1st time in ice skating was so noob bcz i still cannot master the skill

not talented at all in ice skating

anyway juz try it

hehe~we were crazy around the sunway
My legs look so longer a bit in this photo~XD

UFO there!

rushed through the artificial fountain~XD

luckily i was still in "dry mode"~XD


holiday mood on^^


i m coming soon~=)

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疯小孩 said...

long time no c..my pc revive dy!XD

Anonymous said...

I Noe him...

KeNNeTH JusT be MySelF said...