Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy Outing with them

erm...had a happy outing with my secondary school buddies~
because next tuesday will be chin kwei birthday
but tat day most of us wont b around melacca
so we decided to celebrate on saturday=)

shot a photo while waiting for sunny come to fetch me=p

long time didnt sing k already but...
actually i was having sore throat~T.T
i m forced to sing some songs which are quite challenging like jay chou 黑色幽默>.<
how pity

after sing k
movie is a MUST^^
A nightmare on elm street
chin kwei was so afraid when he was watching
using his hand to cover his eyes to minimize the area tat he can viewed~XD
totally same lik xiao bai~=p

we had our dinner at amigo
the chicken chop is getting worse>.<

final destination:
station 1
waiting for form 6 gang
did a small surprise for chin kwei also
seems like he quite happy for this surprise^^
happy birthday my dude=)

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疯小孩 said...

可以封你作自拍大王了= =