Tuesday, December 21, 2010

KL+Genting Trip

Genting Again Again and Again

No Choice

free Hotel wor~~

go lo~~

enjoy the cold weather^_^

KLCC-1st Destination

decoration for christmas~nice^^

omg...i feel my dad look lik 刘醒leh!XD
camwhore is a MUST~XD
After finished gai gai in KLCC

Went to genting

parents went casino jor~~wat can we do?
starbuck lo~~@.@

pls ignore my messy hair@.@

i like dis~=D
20th-Time to shop,planned to go sg wang and ts

before going to KL,took some photo in dis place so called"第一花园"
but actually nothing much can view@.@

call me mr.skeleton


only bought 1 skinny pant and 1 white t shirt

how sad

size and cutting really killed me~T.T

conclusion:I went genting to sleep.zzz.

Tomorrow will be a big day for 2010 pmr candidates

time flies...

what happened on 2006 still on my mind,clearly.

Took result and go CC play dota~lifeless~XD

Good luck to all of u=)

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