Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy CNY!=D [part 1]

Finally i have the mood to update my blog for CNY=p


No doubt I love CNY damn much

gatheringss~~new clothes~~moviessssss~food~gamble!

and of cz


Lets talk about 初一1st^^

My family^^
As usual,

grandma[daddy's mom]>>>>aunt>>>>grandma[mummy]

that's our schedule~~

ntg special~~

thx for all the angpauss~XD

Watched this funny movie with my sister and her bf ah poon~

donnie yen changed from IP man to a make up artist omfg~XD

but he used "永春" to make up for the auntiesssss that part really made me LOL~

Definitely this pineapple biscuit is my favourite~

lol i direct translate from 黄梨饼~XD

it makes me feel that i m damn lucky cz i m melaccan=D

see...less than half d~~can i ask for more??

it is freaking nice la!

strongly recommend!

To be continued

stay tuned=)

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蘋果拉™ said...

my favourite biscuit 2黃莉蘇~

KeNNeTH JusT be MySelF said...


J Xing said...

我家有好多 =p

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