Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy CNY!=D [part 2]

2nd day of CNY

cant believe that i stayed at home for whole afternoon wth==

all friends busy bai nian

really sien til max@.@

had dinner with my big family in 中华楼

didnt capture any photo at there but camwhored a lot of photos

and i named it as "vampire series"

because the light effect is so special and it makes my skin fair like vampire

wahahahaha~purposely edited my eyes to make it red!

and i know it s kinda fake~XD

izit look like vampire~XDD

when i was having my dinner

received call from wei sam asked me go teong siang house

it was a nightmare==

i lost around 120 bucks wth man

3 rounds banker my 100 bucks flied away ~T.T

ten is freaking lucky since last year

keep on blackjack

how can he so lucky sial==

he was wearing green underwear wor

not red underwear brings luck meh@.@


i shouldnt bring so much cash to there


to be continued

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