Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Awesome Genting Trip

Went to genting with my melacca gang on sunday

i think i went there more than 2 millions times already

why still go?

Good question


The expenses for this trip is cheap


first, we do not need to pay for hotel room because our brother teck cong's daddy give us 2 rooms for free,THX A LOT!

and since teck cong.melvin and jing kai are working at there,we can get staff purchase price for the theme park ticket

rm23 only!

we also saved a lot on food cause we ate in staff''s cafeteria

kinda cheap compare with the price in first world

i only spend 150 for the whole trip including:hotel,theme park ticket,safari club entry ticket,5 meals,3 hours pool,snow world and transport fee.



i FAILED to enter casino =.=

hate the guard so much

spent my time to watch football match with teong siang and his friend ah boon and raymond

after they came out from casino,went to safari clubbing

never clubbing for 2 years ++ already

and that night i was like a crazy guy dancing madly

actually i m a person who can be easily controlled by music

i mean when i listen to sad songs,it could drag me down and depress me,and sometimes make me cry=(

when i listen to happy songs,it could cheer me up=D

when i listen to club songs~

hiak hiak~~

"everyday i m shuffling"

quoted from lyrics of party rock anthem~XD

it was 1 of the craziest night in my life

and ah boon asked me:are u clubber??at least 3 times clubbing in 1 week??

i said:no,never clubbing for 2 years++ already

he said:信你才怪

lol wth man,really la

Had fun with them=)

sry for my stupid outfit for clubbing cz i never expect that we are going to safari on that night

2nd day-

spent our time at theme park

roller coaster still rox!=D


something scary happened when we played the cyclone[yellow colour roller coaster]

the lock of roller coaster is unlocked when we are going down the slope!!

ah ten was like:eh damn!!pull it down!!

this freaking scary incident happened on me 2 times already


luckily i m still alive and blogging now @.@

thanks god

ended the trip in times square's kim gary.

p/s:there is a cute waitress =D

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