Thursday, October 20, 2011


It’s like more than 1 week I didn’t update my bloggie. Here am I to update about last Friday. Went to a site near by sunway pyramid, it was the 1st time I went to site…a place that girls usually hate it damn much due to the freaking weather,so do i. But no choice,this is the destiny of a future quantity surveyor, have to get used to it, for the MONEY $$$$$ [my lecturer drove a SLK280 to the site wtffffffff]

Had fun =)

Pretending i was working hard =p

End up a big NAH by some1 LOL
The sunlight was so strong, but it wont stop me from acting chok!XD
 chok take 2!=p

oh yea^_^

broke the huge stone by my punch,awesome me=p
 melting.......the sunlight was......wtffff....


 Changed my position after blocked by yee yung LOL,pretending like we are the actor in high school musical is always my favorite!XDD

well i m so surprised that my video in youtube actually gained 60 thousands view in 1 month.BIG WOW!Thx to those ppl who sharing this video in facebook,and also those who left comments  youtube=D

stay tuned readers =D

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