Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Had an awesome moon cake festival celebration with my lovely friends last night.Seriously i love this kind of gathering so MUCH, especially the SAMPATING session,i think most of the teenagers love it right?unless you are cold and stiff person.I can't update the celebration post right now because i haven't get all the photos from jeff[my new friend,archi student] yet.The photos are actually taken with a DSLR,it's been a while that i didn't "reload"any DSLR photos to my photo album,hope it will be great =)

Went to sunway redbox with annelis and chee yung since today we have no class AT ALL.STUPID ME,i didn't bring my student card and i can't get the student price =___= so i m forced to order a food and it is not really nice =_______= but luckily the redbox is actually having anniversary promotion,so we got some coupons like free 1 head charge...free alcohol??cant remember what kind of coupon we got,but in short it is quite worthy la,so,just go to redbox if u are free=D

photo of the day

it's gonna be a busy week because of the 3 assignments/reports submission due date will be on next week,URGH!
hope that i will have some time to update my blog,stay tuned dear readers =]

song of the day: wish you were here by avril lavigne

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