Thursday, September 8, 2011


Did my first presentation at taylor just now.It s not a very formal presentation,so formal wear is not a necessary.Student look will do.=)


Well overall it is not bad,i rate my performance 8.5 out of 10 =p It's better than what i thought it would be,because i told some lame jokes and luckily their response didn't disappoint me =)
Thumb up for myself =D
There are 2 things that i know recently
1) My measurement lecturer is actually driving an AUDI to school!which is 1 of my favorite car brand.It means what?She is kinda rich,for me.She is actually a retired chartered quantity surveyor and now holding the position of head programme at taylor.What she told us is,the salary that she gets at school is much much much lesser compare with how much she earned in industry field.

2) Those who completed their bachelor’s degree studies with First Class honours in 2010 are eligible to be exempted from PTPTN loans repayment as it will be automatically converted to scholarships.So for me,CGPA 3.67 will do.

Previously i heard something like
only First Class honors graduates in 2010 will get the exemption,so i thought no more hope to not pay back the loan.But now seems like there is a chance IF i do well in my degree.Motivated 99ly!it is about 48k/56k!I can even buy a myvi with this amount of money.I'm gonna try my best to get the result that i desire.

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