Monday, September 26, 2011


went to redbox again with chze wei and annelis since today I only have 2 hours lecture,what i can say is,3 hours sing k session will NEVER BE ENOUGH for a ktv lover like me =D
what happened is Redbox gave us some coupons again =___= and the expired date is 29th of sept which is the coming thursday.Quite sayang right if we are not going to use the coupon?[good excuse] =p
And we still have tons of songs haven't sang,so planning to go again tomorrow =D
Seriously singing can actually burn calories,means i will be getting thinner if i keep on singing??no way,i wont stop singing,eat more will do =p

camwhored when lying on bed,i m fleepy and i m going to take a nap now.still have 1 assignment and 1 tutorial to go,休息是为了走更远的路XD
bye readers=)
song of the day:说爱就爱by vanness wu
watch it!Amazing dance!

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