Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Billie jean is not my lover

Today was the 1st fieldwork that i did at school.In fact it should be 2nd,just that i accidentally skipped the 1st 1 due to heavy rain @.@ ok just forget it.=p

Photo attachment is required for the assignment,just we can just use our cellphone and do some simple capturing,but u know...we are perfectionist and we want the best!XD  our group leader yee yung purposely went back to his hostel during the break just to take his DSLR to school for this lame shooting LOL XD


as usual,pretending to be cool,or u can call it as choking~

1 of our group member,Ah Fu,normally i just call him F U =p

chze wei,another group member

tung lik the mu fans and yee yung the cameraman aka tawau kia

kah hian,he is hilarious

1st try,FAILED,need more bending of my legs

pretending to be serious LOL

2nd try,FAILED AGAIN,i almost fall down~XDDD

WELL DONE!HOLD住了整个场面tomorrow will be my 1st presentation at taylor

god bless me please!

song of the day:还是要幸福by田馥甄

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